ZESPROKA Kitchen Rack, Wall Mounted Pot and Spice Rack, with 10 Hooks, Black

Brand: Zesproka

Color: Black

Material: Iron


Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimensions: 19.5"x 7" x 5.5"

Free UPS Shipping from the United States within 3 business days.

  • Bullet Points:

    *This hand-crafted iron pot and spice rack can help you save plenty of kitchen space.

    *The upper part of the rack is designed with a fence structure to enable convenient storage of spice jars and other food containers.

    *The rack is equipped with 10 S-shape hooks to enable easy hanging of your pots and cooking utensils.

    *This pot and spice rack is simple and quick to install.

    *Rack size - Length: 19.5in; Height: 5.5in; Width: 7in

    Zesproka Kitchen Pot and Spice Rack, Pot Pan Lid Rack, Black

    Perfect for Kitchen Organization: 
    This rack is smaller than most but is perfect for that small space. It boasts a unique decorative scrollwork design on the top and two functional rails on the bottom. It is widely used in kitchen to free up counter space.
    You can place spice bottles, food containers or lids on the top, using the 10 hangers to hook items that have a hole on the holder, such as pans, saucepans, spatulas, spoons, wine openers, strainers, whisks, shears, brushes, etc.. Besides, it is also good for hanging coffee cups and mugs. 

    Zesproka Bathroom Towel Rack,  Corner Rack, Black

    Perfect for Bathroom: 
    It’s also a nice idea to mount it up on the bathroom wall! This helps you get rid of clutter and mess, allowing you to quickly find the item you need.
    On the top of the rack, you can put laundry detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, body cleanser, hand sanitizer and personal cosmetics, with one rail to hang towels, another to hook bath sponge, shower glove, bath brush, etc. Just brainstorm possible plans and put whatever you like!

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