Acacia Wood Cutting Board (Set of 3) with Juice Grooves - Wooden Chopping Board for Meat, Vegetables, Fruit & Cheese – Non Slip & Non Stick Design - Butcher Block for Kitchen



ACACIA WOOD CONSTRUCTION- This cutting board is made of acacia wood. Acacia is famous for being virtually indestructible. The wood has a beautiful natural polish and a sweets smell, and can withstand the demands of weighted objects making it perfect for carving meats.


JUICE DRIP GROOVE- This wood cutting board comes with a juice drip groove all around it. This helps catch any water or juice that may drip from fruits, vegetables or even meats so that your meal remains fresh and palatable.


LARGE CHOPPING SURFACE - This large cutting board measures 16” x 12” x 1.5” and is very thick. It is durable enough to withstand large and heavy meats like a whole turkey for Thanksgiving and well as stand up to the demands of everyday cooking.


NON-SLIP HANDLES- The acacia cutting board comes equipped with non-slip handle grips on the edges to make it easier to lift the board and make it easier to carry around. This ensures that none of your ingredients or food will fall during the cooking process.


MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN TOOL - This chopping board is a truly multipurpose tool and can be used to chop all manners of fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, and even different types of cheese. The board is so beautiful that you can use it as a cheese board!



Looking for a durable cutting board that will withstand the weight and demands of multiple different types of ingredients? Looking for a large chopping board that can sustain the weight and dimensions of your turkey?


This chopping board measures 16” x 12” x 1.5” and is therefore very thick and durable. It will easily withstand the weight of a whole turkey so you can easily stuff it for Thanksgiving. These cutting boards are made of acacia wood that is the same wood that was used to build the Ark of Covenant so you just know that it’s a dependable wood. On top of that, it is also an extremely pretty wood and comes with a natural polish.


This wood cutting board for kitchen is the perfect accessory any kitchen as it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your products. The wooden construction means that it will prevent knife grooves that easily form in plastic cutting boards. This large cutting board also comes with a juice groove around the edges that will catch any juices or water that drips or oozes out from fruits, vegetables, or meats and makes sure that your dishes always remain beautiful and without any additional liquids. It also helps prevent the water from dripping onto your countertop and making the cleanup and even further boring task for you. Additionally, these cutting boards also come with non-sip handles on the edge that ensures that you do not drop the board while you’re cooking.


These large acacia cutting boards are a multipurpose tool and can be used to chop up fruits, vegetables, bread, meats, and even cheese. You can also use the various sized boards as a cheese board itself! This cutting board set also ensures that you always a spare at hand.



  • Acacia wood
  • Thick board
  • Juice drip groove
  • Non-slip handles
  • Multipurpose cutting board


Package Includes:

3 x Acacia Wooden Cutting Boards