ZESPROKA Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Nesting Bowls, Matte and Mirror Finish, Set of 6

Brand: Zesproka

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel


Shipping Weight: 3.74 pounds

Package Dimensions: 11.61" x 5.35" x 11.61"

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  • Bullet Points:

    *VERSATILE: Perfect for beating and mixing ingredients, tossing salads and serving soups

    *DURABLE MATERIALS: Made from durable and reliable stainless steel that will stay pristine and scratch-free for years

    *CLEVER DESIGN: The ingenious nesting design saves you space in your kitchen cupboards while the deepening basin design prevents accidental spills

    *EASY TO HOLD: Easy-to-grip rolled rims help you keep a hold of the bowl while you whisk, stir and mix

    *SET OF SIX: This set of six ensures you always have the right bowl for the job. Includes 1.59, 2.11, 2.85, 3.59, 4.65 and 5.5 quart bowls


    A Good Helper in Your Kitchen

    ZESPROKA mixing bowls

    Made of food-grade stainless steel, non-toxic and odorless, these bowls can bein direct contact with the food. They are an essential good helper in our kitchen, and also very useful in daily life. There are six kinds of specifications available to meet various demands, such as whisking eggs, mixing salads, kneading dough, serving soup, washing fruits and vegetables, etc.


    Unique Matte and Mirror Finish

    ZESPROKA mixing bowls

    Outside the bowl, lower matte and upper mirror finish is divided by an arc, which looks aesthetically pleasant. What's more, the matte finish is anti-rust and scratch-resistant.

    Inside the bowl, it is all polished mirror finish that is so shining and bright to reflect one's image. It will remain shiny after a long time. Moreover, it is convenient for us to wash.


    Six Sizes Available

    ZESPROKA Mixing Bowls

    These stainless steel bowls are deep enough, together with 6 sizes meeting all cooking demands.

    1.59 QT:6.3“Dx 3.74”H

    2.11 QT:7.08“Dx 3.94”H

    2.85 QT:7.87“Dx 4.13”H

    3.59 QT:8.66“Dx 4.33”H

    4.65 QT:9.45“Dx 4.72”H

    5.50 QT:10.24“x 4.92”H


    (Note: "D" stands for "diameter"; "H" stands for "height".)


    Simple Delicate Design

    ZESPROKA Mixing Bowls

    This stainless steel mixing bowl set is designed to be nestable, saving storage space and de-cluttering your kitchen.

    ZESPROKA Mixing Bowls

    A flat bottom enhances the stability and won't slide off when it's placed on a dining table or a kitchen counter.

    ZESPROKA Mixing Bowls

    Each bowl features a roll rim for easy grip. It is so smooth that it won't hurt your hand. Please rest assured to use it!